Mt. Hope Missions

It is the mission of Mt. Hope to reach out with the love of our Lord to those in need with our gifts of love, talents, and finances. We HOPE to spread the word of our Lord Jesus Christ through our actions of helping others. Below are some of the great ways that the people of Mt. Hope are continuing to reached out into the world around us to help others.

Hearts and Hands
The Hearts and Hands ministry continues to grow in members and agencies/partnerships that are being helped with items made by this ministry. Each week when this group meets they take up their own personal heartsnhandscollection of money and then every three months the group votes on a different group or organization to donate the monies they have collected. This is the Heart s and Hands mission within a mission. So far this group has donated towards new sewing machines and animals through World Vision, Trey Mitlo and his family, Shoulder to Shoulder, the family of the flood victims, and a family that lost their husband/father.

The Hearts and Hand committe also won the Al Dimmick award in 2010. This is an award that was based on empowering older individuals in the church.

Listed here are some of the examples of how this ministry has help numerous peopl with their donations of hand-made items:
hearts2Children's Hospital
Teaching dolls
Teletrymy pouches - hold life-saving heart monitors for children waiting for transplants, so they gain freedom from having to carry monitors 24/7
Santa Sacks - Made for presents for children that patients durng the Christmas season

Beads of Courage bags - These are bags that hold beads for children that are burn victims, cancer patients, and cardiac patients. Each time a child goes through a procedure they are given a bead to string. Each bead tells a different story of their courage.

Other Hearts and Hands partnerships
Bibs and Blankets - Made and donated to local nursing homes, hospice patients, Project ELECT for teen mothers and their babies
Military Connections - Christmas stockings were made and stuffed with items donated by Mt. Hope Church members for soldiers at christmas.
Animal Protectors - Sheets and mattress pads that were given to the church were donated to this organization.

The Clothes Line
The Clothes line ministry continues its important work of reaching out to the Penn Hills and surrounding communities to provide FREE gently used and new clothing for those who may be in need or who have been displaced by casualty or unemployment.

Bethlehem Haven (Women's Shelter)
The members of Mt. Hope Church have continued to volenteer their time and talents to cook and serve meals to the needy woman here throughout the year.

East End Cooperative Ministries (Men's Shelter)
Just as with the women's shelter, the members of Mt. Hope Church have continued to volenteer their time and talents to cook and serve meals to the needy men here throughout the year.

Penn Hills Service Association
The members of Mt. Hope continue to support the Penn Hills Service Association, by collecting and donating food on every fourth sunday of the month.

Young Lives
The members continue to give. As is the case when members prepared and served picnic dinners to Young Lives mothers and children, as well as provided babysitting services for these mothers.

Project ELECT (Teen Moms)
Mt Hope members once again opened their hearts and donated gift cards for Project ELECT and through the Hearts and Hands ministry, made blankets and bibs for the teen mothers and their babies.

Penn Hills Police
For several years now, the members of Mt. Hope Church have took it upon themselves to make sure that every police officer working on a holiday is not forgotten. Dinners are provided to thank these service men and women for their time and effort to help maintain peace and hope in our comminity.