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Live Stream / Videos

Worship Service 6/28/20: Sermon: "Trust in Love" - Bill Haley

Video Archive

  • Worship Service 3/15/20: Sermon: “A Rock, A Well and Water” - Bill Haley

  • Worship Service 3/29/20: Sermon: "Out of the Depths" - Barrett Hendrickson

Click here to learn more more about the Hendrickson Family's Mission to the Bahamas.

Click here if you would like to continue our tradition of ending our Easter service with the singing of this song by anyone who wishes to join the choir.

  • Worship Service 4/26/20: Sermon: "Walking with Courage and Hope" - David Carlisle

Click here to listen to Janet Carlisle explain more about the beautiful peace quilt that was created by the members of Mt. Hope.

  • Worship Service 5/3/20: Sermon: "On The Threshold" - David Carlisle

  • Worship Service 5/31/20: Sermon: "A Personal, Powerful Pentecost" - David Carlisle (Special Music - Alexandra Newby)

  • Worship Service 6/7/20: Sermon: "God's Loving Trinity" - David Carlisle

  • Worship Service 6/14/20: Sermon: "From Suffering to Hope" - Bill Haley (Special Music - Bill Hammond)

  • Worship Service 6/21/20: Sermon: "Lose Your Old Life" - David Carlisle (Special Music - Bill Hammond)

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