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What is in a name?

God gave Abram the name Abraham because he was the father of many nations. Jacob's name was changed to Israel because he wrestled with God and survived. The son born to Mary was named Jesus because he would save his people from their sin. The Bible teaches us that there is real meaning and significance in a name, and we believe that to be true here at Mt. Hope Church.

We like to think that Mt. Hope Church is so called because of the HOPE which is ours in Jesus Christ. No one has to tell us that we are living in a world in which there is pain, suffering, and despair. In this kind of world, many people live without meaning, purpose, and hope in their life. However, we believe our lives take on a new dimension, direction, and HOPE because of our commitment to Jesus Christ and to one another.

Within our walls you will see women and men and young people from all different backgrounds who have that HOPE, who give that HOPE to one another in times of need, who bring that HOPE out into our community to the people who need it, and who, together, make up Mt. Hope Church.

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