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Hearts and Hands

Meets every Thursday at Mt. Hope Community Church 

 from 10:00 a.m. – Noon

Anyone is welcome to come and join us.

This Mission Ministry was developed to reach out and help those neighbors in need in Penn Hills and surrounding communities. Too many times people think of mission around the world when there are neighbors in our community who need help.

The majority of our projects are Handmade, Homemade, DIY projects.
Blankets, shawls, clothing protectors, walker/stroller bags, mittens, hats, diaper 
bags, neck pillows, door decorations, and many other items are made by the Hearts & Hands group.

These items are distributed to below poverty level families, Family Care 
Connections (Penn Hills & Turtle Creek locations), families in crisis, nursing homes, Hillman Cancer Center and many more.  This just names of few. 

Hearts & Hands

Teaching dolls to Children's Hospital

Each of these dolls is made with love, knowing that it will be used by doctors and nurses to ease the fears of both children and their parents of upcoming procedures and surgeries.

Examples of our work:

Providing children with blankets, scarves, hats, mittens to help them keep warm, or a blanket for a mother to bring her newborn baby home.

Providing a grandfather, a neck pillow to raise his head to see his granddaughter get married.

Bringing a smile to a nursing home patient that has no one visit them with a shawl, clothing protector, walker bag and door decoration.

These are priceless moments!

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